Our team consists of Red Rocks Community College students, a faculty advisor and community partner.


Scotty Hall started out striving to be a pharmacist at top clinical setting. He received his CPhT certification from the PTCB in 2013 and after starting on the prerequisites for pharmacy school, in the middle of 2014 he changed his path to computer science and programming. His goal is to work within hospital settings, practicing clinical informatics or software engineering for various organizations. Outside of school and work, he enjoys building anything from 3D printers, to designing and programming music hardware that interfaces natively with PC and Mac OS with DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). He recently built a keyboard that operates as a plug-and-play device into PC, OSX and Linux systems.

Keya Lea Horiuchi is a cyber security student and has returned to school after working as a web designer and a teacher within K-12 educational settings. She enjoys diving into the layers of the Internet, intrigued by its elegant design.

Nathan Tiedt returned to school to study computer programming after earning a Master’s in Philosophy. His focus is in programming itself, though his studies have him learning networking and database principles too. Nathan enjoys all things computers and DIY projects, and being outdoors especially when climbing.

Kaia Chapman is a Red Rocks student currently completing dual associate degrees in web development and programming.  She has completed additional coursework in mathematics, data analysis, and cyber security. She returned to college after working for a decade in online advertising sales  in order to fully explore her passion for back-end development.

Faculty Advisor

Helena Martellaro is an information technology professional with over 20 years experience in software/system analysis and design and operational research. She has wide-ranging experience in multiple areas of software engineering within industries such as aerospace, Colorado Department of Education, US Department of Defense, and US Department of Energy. She has over 15 years experience with multiple computer languages including Object-Oriented Java, C/C++ and Perl.

Community Partner

Applied Trust is our community partner and they are super awesome. (They were purchased by Flexential.)